What is the Thermocoin ?


Tokens are mostly used to speculate for personal enrichment without a global vision of the survival of the human species. Is there a crypto asset or an altcoin today for this mandatory project?

Humans have between 5,000 and 10,000 years to extract themselves from their solar system to fly to new skies because general infractive conditions will have turned our planet into a pressure cooker. Some predictions talk about 500 at 1,000 years. 

Is it in a Lamborghini or in a Lada jigouli, aboard the blackbird, aboard the falcon shuttle, aboard a luxury yacht or on a skate board that this will happen? 

The Thermocoin should naturally works in order to promote and fund research into interstallar propulsion system to send humans to a new viable planet and not first on Mars as Elon Musk predictions. Since this propulsion system does not exist at all, it means that a token is needed for it, hence the need for the Thermocoin.

 The Thermocoin (Ther) : a noble and functional new generation cryptocurrency that is easy to understand and use on Waves.exchange

Thermogold Boosters

The Thermocoin project is a decentralized token create to capture a maximum of fiat assets to finance research in interstellar aerospace engineering in connection with astrophysics research thanks to the blockchain technologies on Waves.exchange 
More than another crypto currency, thanks to its power of fiat wealth transfer in a project as noble as it is fundamental, it's the most interesting of all current earthly wealth goods by symbolizing the real eternity potential human being by chip jumps of interstellar boosters. 


Founder of ultra physics or biogeometaphysics (a multidisciplinary scientific discipline), professor of history geography and self-taught astrophysicist and researcher, Elran Valceka defines himself above all as a free thinker and theorist of the world. Passionate about nature in the broad sense, astrophysics, biology and social sciences, he turned as a young student towards geography studies. Then, guided by a form of scientific truth is mainly based on a hypothetico-deductive system and keen observations, interdisciplinary crossings and logic, he develops very quickly and instinctively, its own reflections and research in astrophysics, cosmology, quantum mechanics to understand the universe works, thanks to a new global behavior by a discipline who he called biogeometaphysics. Elran Valceka thus attempts at a « modern » level to reconnect with the spirit of science past in what it had of universal and scholar: a curious mind, devoid of interest, in search of the most understanding precise and closest to the real and observable physics.

Anecdote : 
I remember one day as if was yesterday, when I was walking cool in Paris 17th place Pereire, three schoolchildren who were doing a survey requested by their teacher, came to ask me the following question: "what would you do if you would win the lottery Sir?" I replied :  interesting question ! I will build rockets to go to a new panete Earth ! Totally surprised, the three young people retorted me: "but you would not buy a great car and a big villa?" I answered them : "for what?" They were completely dumbfounded by the answer I gave them.
Today this answer should be normal and the same for everyone 

The Thermocoin is founded the 26 Juin 2021 on Waves.exchange to answer at this question because.

Thermo Waves.exchange

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1-The Thermocoin is the only crypto currency directly create for research in the engineering of interstellar propulsion systems, unlike other species of crypto currencies which are mainly used for earthly material enrichment.
2 - By investing in Thermocoin, you are guaranteed both to hold a stable asset because it is highly sought after for its function and its nobility. At the same time you participate by domino effect in the increase of its value and its rarity which makes it possible to increase the amount of funds allocated to scientific groups and partner companies whose mission is to design and manufacture the very first spacecraft capable of moving at speeds close to those of light in order to limit travel time on interstellar scales.
3 - Holding Thermocoin definitely means positioning yourself as a new species of investor and patron of the human species, seeking both to guarantee your earnings while giving meaning to your life. Indeed, by investing in Thermocoin you know that the billions of euros / dollars converted into thermocoins will be used for research in the engineering of interstellar propulsion systems.

4- Indeed, the protocol of this cryptocurrency could be designed to self-destruct in the event of an injection of  between 77% and 90 % of the gains of the main whales in the research in interstellar propulsion system.

Thermo Goals

The thermocoin is create to:
* Compete with all other crypto and fiat assets.
* Capture and siphon a maximum of fiat assets.
* Reuse and reinvest the majority of the assets necessary for the research and construction of functional interstellar propulsion systems while improving the understanding of the universe.